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We Love Renters is a Hartlepool Property Management Company that helps landlords and investors like you maximise your rental income, match you with long term tenants and reduce your stress.

Discover Why We Love Renters Is The Best Property Management Company In Hartlepool

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Why We Love Renters Is The Best Property Management Company In Hartlepool

Are you a private landlord or property investor who is frustrated with your current property management company in Hartlepool?

Are you fed up with getting your houses trashed by bad tenants, not getting your rent on time, sick of inconsistencies in your rental statements with discrepancies in the amount of money you receive and worst of all, feeling like you’re getting more aggravation than actually making any money from your investment?

If so, well done for finding us, we can help…

Here’s the truth: Most landlords HOPE for a return of 10% or more when they invest in property – that is the dream you’re sold. But, it doesn’t always work out that way. And it’s nearly always down to the letting agent and their selection of the tenant. That’s why the entire focus of We Love Renters is on finding the best tenants in Hartlepool – and keeping them to maximise your rental income.

If you’re thinking of making a change to your Hartlepool property management company, and think you would be better off working with a company who understands the real needs and requirements of a private landlord then We Love Renters is perfect for you.

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10% Returns – Here’s Why We Could Be The Best Property Management Company For You

The owner of the We Love Renters is Paul Gough. Paul is a serial business owner who runs companies in the property, medical and media fields and employs more than 40 people in two different countries.

Paul also has more than 50 properties that he personally owns and rents out to families in Hartlepool. He’s learned a lot in over 10 years of being a landlord and property investor in Hartlepool and one of the biggest lessons is in thinking that all you have to do to get a 10% ROI is find the right house to buy. That isn’t strictly true.

As Paul always says, to get the best ROI on your house isn’t as much to do with the house as most people think – it is the PERSON occupying the house. The real ASSET in property investing is the tenant. If you get the best tenants, you get the best return on your investment. Our job at We Love Renters is to find you the best tenants and keep them happy for you.

Happy Tenant = Paying Tenant = Maximum ROI

Maximum ROI = Happy Landlord

At We Love Renters we put all our focus on finding the BEST tenants in Hartlepool so that you the landlord and property investor can enjoy the 10% + returns that you got into property investing for in the first place.

The owner is familiar with the investment and cash flow needs of a property investor – and because he is looking for the same thing as you – a 10% + return on your investment – he is the perfect person to bring your properties to.

Whether you are local or live overseas, we can help you with sourcing properties – and getting access to cash – as well as providing a complete done for you property management service.

The entire We Love Renters service was originally created to suit the owners OWN property investing needs and we’re now able to offer the same to the right landlord or property investor.

Property Management In Hartlepool

But, We Don’t Work with Every Landlord Who Asks…

For full disclosure, we don’t work with every landlord who inquires, we are very selective about who we choose to work with. We respect our tenants and our team and for that reason we’re very selective about who we work with.

What is more, because of the time and demands required of managing Paul’s own growing portfolio of properties – and because he also wants access to the BEST tenants for his own properties – we have a very limited capacity to be able to work with only the right type of landlord.

If you’re thinking of bringing your properties to us, all you have to do is click the button below to get started.

When you do, we’ll send you a Free Special Information Pack with further details, as well as the two FREE Reports titled:

  • 7 Way To Ensure Maximum ROI From Your Rental Property” and
  • 7 Things We Love Renters Does Better Than Every Other Property Management Company in Hartlepool

as well as information on the owner of We Love Renters and how he built his own property empire in Hartlepool.

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Read A Review from Two Of Our Hartlepool Landlords: 

Chris – “I switched managing agents this summer and I’m so glad I did! After JUST 2 days of advertising, my student property is now let for the next academic year. 

It was super easy to switch, We Love Renters handled everything with my old agent while I could relax.

I now have a property that’s being looked after and 2 new tenants ready to move in in September. I’m now looking at purchasing my next student property and will definitely be using you guys for management. Thanks!”

Sarah – “I decided to try We Love Renters as I have a property that needed a tenant quickly.

Having someone to manage the property is such a relief. No worries about paperwork, checking tenants, chasing rents and arranging tradesmen. They took care of everything and found a tenant straight away.

I would highly recommend because it was so convenient and a great efficient service.”

We Love Renters Keeps The Best Tenants In Your Properties In Hartlepool To Maximise Your Rental Income

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Plus, a Landlord Information Pack on We Love Renters which explains why you should trust us to look after your property portfolio.

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  • Multiple ways to transform your rental property so that it generates a higher income, and gives a MASSIVE BOOST TO YOUR YIELD and bottom line.
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7 Things We Love Renters Does Better Than Every Other Property Management Company in Hartlepool

Property Management Company in Hartlepool

In this free report you will discover:

  • How we match our landlords with the BEST TENANTS in Hartlepool who respect your property and look after their homes
  • Why We Love Renters was founded, and the major benefits of working with us compared to a national chain who is stuck in the past and can’t adapt to your specific needs
  • How working with us means LESS STRESS for you, so you can sit back and let the passive income roll in
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