Do You Want To Start Property Investing In Hartlepool?

Or are you already a landlord or property investor in Hartlepool, who is looking to expand their property portfolio with more houses to rent?

If so, We Love Renters can help you!

Our founder, Paul Gough, owns and rents more than 60 properties and has over a decade of experience with property investing in Hartlepool.

In addition, our specialist team has the local knowledge and expertise to ensure that landlords and property investors in Hartlepool who work with us are able to generate maximum rental income, without all the stress and hassle.

In the video below, Stacey gives a quick summary of the ways We Love Renters can help YOU with your rental properties in Hartlepool.

Helping You Understand The Monthly Costs For Property Investors and Landlords

If you are new to property investing in Hartlepool, you may be unsure of the monthly costs associated with being a landlord.

Below, we have summarised some of the most common costs. Whilst there are lots of different expenses to consider when renting a house in Hartlepool, generally there will be five main types of costs:

Buy-to-Let Mortgage

If you aren’t buying your rental property in Hartlepool outright, then there will be the monthly cost of your buy-to-let mortgage.

Property Management Company / Letting Agent Fees

Whilst you may be able to manage your own property portfolio, it generally makes sense to use a property management company who has the knowledge, expertise and skills who can efficiently look after your properties and tenants.

If you try to do it yourself, you may save a few £’s, but it usually ends up costing you a LOT of stress and time.

There are three options that you can consider when looking for help with your rental properties:

  • Tenant-find, or Let Only, where the letting agent will match you with a tenant, and that’s all.
  • Rent collection, where the property management will collect rent on your behalf, and chase late payments
  • Full property management, where the property management company will handle everything; from finding tenants, collecting rent, dealing with tenants, organising maintenance and more.

Legal and Admin Costs

These costs include referencing, credit checks, deposit protection scheme registration, energy performance certification, gas safety certification, landlord registration, ICO registration and insurance.

Maintenance Costs

Tenants are responsible for the simple, day-to-day maintenance, however as a landlord or property investor, you are liable for ensuring that the property is in good repair and up to the required standard.

There are also the cost of gas, fire and electrical safety checks every year.

The average cost of maintenance in the UK is around £765 per year.


Finally, if you generate a profit from your rental property portfolio, you will be liable to pay income tax. How much tax you will pay, and whether you can offset this against other expenses will depend on your specific circumstances.

Helping You Find The Best Rental Properies In Hartlepool

If you are considering in investing in Hartlepool properties due to the potential for high yields, you may be concerned that you don’t have enough local knowledge to make the best decisions when considering which houses to purchase.

That’s where We Love Renters can help you. As a Property Management Company in Hartlepool, we understand the local areas, and the local rental market so we can provide the knowledge that you are lacking.

We can help you identify the best houses to rent, in the best areas so you don’t make a mistake and invest in a property that is hard to rent out and ends up damaging your bottom line.

Helping You Charge The Right Rates And Matching You With Great Tenants

Once you have found the rental property that you want to invest in, We Love Renters can help you setting the right price and take care of the advertisement.

We currently have over 400 tenants on our waiting list looking for houses to rent in Hartlepool.

Recently, we let a property within 24 hours of advertising, so we are confident that we can match you with a GREAT tenant quickly so you aren’t losing money during long void periods.

Property Let In 24 Hours

Helping You With Renovation Work

As well as managing all aspects of renting a house in Hartlepool, we can also project manage any renovation works that you wish to carry out.

Due to our background, we have a wealth of experience working with local tradesmen, and have excellent relationships with firms that are reliable, reasonably priced and work to the highest standards.

If you wish to get advice on renovation work, find out about the best tradesmen, or to discuss We Love Renters managing your renovation project, call us on 01429 36 36 36.

How To Find Out More About Working With Us

If you are looking to get started with Property Investing in Hartlepool, and want more expert guidance then call us on 01429 36 36 36.

Or if you know that you want a property management company in Hartlepool that helps you:

  • Maximise your rental income,
  • Reduce your stress,
  • Save you hours of work each week

Then request a landlord information pack by clicking the link below:

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As well as providing you with some more information, Plus, we will also send you TWO free reports:

(1) 7 Ways To Ensure Maximum ROI From Your Rental Property

(2) 7 Things We Love Renters Does Better Than Every Other Property Management Company in Hartlepool

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