Christmas can the busiest and most expensive time of year. Present buying, food for your Christmas lunch and planning for the arrival of family, the cost begins to rack up and paying your rent is another worry in the back of your mind.

Although the holidays are a time of relaxation and spending time with family, we know you may be worried about how much Christmas is going to affect your finances and paying your rent.

If you’re struggling to come up with a solution where you can afford a wonderful Christmas and your rent payments, we have created this blog to give you easy-to-follow tips to manage your money and stay up to date with your rent payments.

Why Is Paying Your Rent At Christmas So Important?

As a renter, your top priority should be paying your rent. It’s important to not let the costs of celebrating the holiday season take over your priorities (although we still recommend you have fun!). Missing December’s rent payments means you could start 2023 in arrears, which we’re sure you don’t want to happen!

What Can You Do To Pay Your Rent This Christmas?

Set Yourself An Affordable Budget

Setting yourself an affordable budget is key to being able to pay your rent and other experiences.

In order to start planning your budget, you need to take into account your most important bills, these are…

🏠 Rent

🏠 Gas

🏠 Electricity

🏠 Water

Once you have considered the costs of your utility bills, you can then set aside money for Christmas present shopping, food and any other activities you may have planned for the holidays.

Pay A Little Extra

If you have the means to, think about planning to pay a little extra rent in the run up to Christmas. This may mean you have less money to going out in December, and more to spend on things for the holidays.

Think About When You Pay Your Rent

December and January are littered with bank holidays around Christmas.

If your rent payment falls on any of the bank holidays, you should try to make your payment just before that date to ensure your landlord receives your rent payment and banks are open if there are any problems.

Tell Housing Benefit Or Universal Credit About Changes

Always remember to let Housing Benefit or Universal Credit know of any changes in circumstance you may have, for example a change in your income.

This could affect your entitlements or amend your payments so it’s very important to keep them up to date.

Other Help That Is Available To You

Crisis Support Hartlepool

Please telephone 01429 806 895 during Office Hours to apply for crisis support or email

You can also apply by clicking this link:

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