Do you want some low cost ways to keep the kids entertained over Easter?

The Easter holidays are almost here, and we are excited for the 4 day bank holiday weekend, and 2 weeks off school for the kids.

But for parents, it can be difficult to keep the kids entertained over Easter – especially if finances are tight!

So we have put together a list of low cost ways to keep the kids entertained over Easter which can help bring fun to the family, and reduce stress and expense for you.

Outdoor Activites To Keep The Kids Entertained

Just like you, we are praying for some glorious sunshine over the Easter holidays and here are 5 things you can keep to keep the kids entertained outdoors.

  • Visit your local park

If the weather is nice, taking a trip to the park can be an amazing day out.

Pack a blanket and some snacks to have a family picnic, and take a ball, or their favourite outdoor games to play in the sunshine.

  • Head to the beach

Another family favourite outdoor activities is to head to the beach; take a stroll down the seafront at Seaton Carew, or head further afield to Redcar or Seaham.

Similar to visiting the park, for a more affordable trip, pack your own picnic and take a blanket. Getting the kids to help decide what treats to take and help prepare it can also be a fun way for them to get involved in planning the trip themselves.

  • Go for a bike ride (or a scoot)

To get the kids heart rate pumping (and yours), get the bikes (or scooters) from the shed or garage, and head outside.

There are some great cycling routes around and can be a great way to burn some energy and get outside whilst the weather is nice.

Living Room Idea - Sofa Throw
  • Easter egg hunt and other activites

The National Trust has a variety of locations, and activities planned for over the weekend. Whilst there may be a fee to visit, this could be a day filled with fun and adventure.

Click the link below to see their activities and locations:

They have also created a downloadable Easter activity pack which you can download for free via the link below (head to the bottom of the page in the “Easter Adventures In Nature Activities” section.

You could even make a little Easter egg hunt at home, and in the garden, by placing clues around the house for the kids to find which leads them to some of their favourite sweet treats.

  • Head to your local sports centre

If your budget allows, plan a trip to the swimming pool, for a round of crazy golf, an hour of trampolining, or hit the bowling alley.

For tighter budgets, see whether there are off-peak times which are more affordable than peak times such as weekends, or evenings.

Indoor Activities To Keep The Kids Entertained

And here are some indoor activities to keep the kids entertained if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

  • Reading a book

You can always find cheap books or even borrow them for free from the library. Reading books is a fantastic way to keep them entertained whilst helping kids learn (and it’s really affordable).

If your child is at an age where they can read without you helping them, this will keep them busy and give you some free time to catch up with jobs around the house or take some time for yourself.

Plus, if they enjoy the book they have, the chances are that they will read for a while.

If they aren’t a big reader, a great way to get them started is to make a game of it – create a scoreboard together and set up rewards for how many pages they read, or for how long they read for.

Another idea is to read with them; and make it fun by acting out the characters voices and their adventures.

  • Puzzles

Playing with a puzzle or a board game is another great way to keep kids entertained on a budget.

There is a wide variety of puzzles and board games for each age and difficulty level.

Plus, for bigger families, this is also something siblings can work on together as a team.

Living Room Idea - Rug
  • Colouring books, drawing and activity books

If your son or daughter has an artistic flare, then this could keep them busy for hours.

Depending on their age, colouring books, or just a plain sketchbook and some crayons which are relatively inexpensive can be fantastic fun.

You can get involved to and make your own drawings (maybe you could all draw a magical creature from your imaginations, or a new superhero).

If art isn’t there things, there are activity books that contain fun mazes and games that your kids can work on.

  • Create an obstacle course

Using everyday household items, create an obstacle course with couch pillows to jump over, their stuffed animal toys to run around and even make a tunnel to crawl under with a blanket.

This is great for kids who have lots of energy, and can keep them entertained, and tire them out even when the weather is terrible.

  • Engineering fun

Grabbing a cardboard box, old clothes, string, or anything else around the house that doesn’t have much use, set up an engineering invention game with crayons, tape and stickers and let their imagination create anything they want.

Maybe they will create a race car, or a cityscape for their superheroes to battle.

  • Cook up a feast

Kids love to be involved so ask them to help cook their favourite meal or rustle up some home baked treats.

If you aren’t a great cook yourself, there are lots of easy to follow recipes online that don’t require loads of ingredients.

Living Room Idea - House Plant

There we go – some fantastic, low cost ways to keep the kids entertained over Easter (no matter whether the weather rains or shines!).

We hope you found some helpful tips in this blog, and we hope you have an amazing time with your family, whatever your plans are for Easter.

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