Do you want to change your property management company for your rental houses in Hartlepool, but worried about the hassle and cost?

In this blog, we will explain how to change your property management company with minimal stress and expense so you can start to maximise your rental income and enjoy the benefits of being a landlord or property investor.

Why Change Your Property Management Company?

We regular speak to landlords and property investor who want to change property management company, and the common reasons are:

  • Poor Value For Money

A major reason to switch property management company is the cost, and more importantly the lack of value for money.

We often speak to landlord and property investors who are paying 15% or more, and getting barely anything in return – maybe a coordinated repair every now and again, and half-hearted customer service with the tenants.

  • Terrible Service

This can range from a lack of knowledge and expertise, to slow responses to queries (from you and your tenants), to a bad attitude.

  • Failing To Minimise Void Periods

Tenants will leave your rental properties, and this isn’t always the fault of your property management company, however, a replacement needs to ready to go ASAP to minimise void periods and ensure you aren’t losing too much money.

How To Change Your Property Management Company

If you have dediced to switch property management company, then there are a number of options that you can consider.

Check out the video below where Stacey, one of our property experts explains how to change your property management company.

  • Check Your Contract

First of all, you will want to check your contract/s to see whether where you are in relation to your initial fixed term period (this will usually last 6-12 months). Generally speaking, unless there is a break clause, or a mutual surrender of the agreement, then you won’t be able to switch.

However, even if you are still under contract for several months with your current property management company, you can start to get everything in place with someone better for when the time comes!

  • Find A Replacement

Once you understand when you can move your rental houses to another property management company, you need to find a suitable replacement.

It can be a great idea to discuss your current agreement with prospective property management companies, as they should be able to get things in place for when you do switch to them.

At We Love Renters, we can look at your rental portfolio and begin to take steps so you can hit the ground running once you have moved over to us.

  • Change Your Property Management Company

Once you have found a replacement who has great tenants ready and waiting to move into your houses (like us), brilliant communication with you and can deliver the standard of service you’ve been missing out on, it’s time to move.

If you have a large portfolio of properties, or are tied into several contracts with various terms left to run, you may choose to switch a selection of your rental properties first before transferring your entire portfolio. 

Change Your Property Management Company To We Love Renters

If you are sick and tired of having your houses trashed by bad tenants, not getting your rent on time, and feeling like your getting more aggravation than actually making money from your investment, then We Love Renters are here to help YOU!

Worried about leaving your current property management company?

We are more than happy to liaise with your current property management company, and we will do everything we can to make the process as simple, and stress-free as possible for you.

What We Can Offer Landlords And Property Investors With Houses To Rent In Hartlepool:

  • Over 400 fantastic tenants on our waiting list (so we can let your properties FAST!)
  • Local knowledge and expertise as we are based in Hartlepool
  • Unbeatable service for both you, and your tenants
  • State of the art accounting so you are paid quickly and correctly every week
  • Comprehensive referencing of tenants so we match you with the best people for your property
  • Support and project management of renovations projects (check out our latest property update by clicking HERE)
  • Access to our reliable tradesmen in Hartlepool to complete any of your maintenance or repair work

What To Do Now:

To find out more about switching your rental properties to us, call us on 01429 36 36 36 or click the link below to request a landlord information pack:

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