If you’ve lived in your rented house for a while, you might want to freshen things up and be asking… “Can you decorate a rented house?”

Even if you’ve recently moved into your rented house, decorating is a great way to make it feel more like yours, and we know that decorating is a very important way for renters to feel like their rented house is a place that they can call home.

As a renter, you usually have to accept the decor for what it is – but that’s not always the case.

In this blog, we have some top tips so you can make your rented house feel like home, without jeopardising your relationship with your landlord, or putting your deposit at risk.

Decorate A Rented House - Painting Walls

Can You Decorate A Rented House?

Our first piece of advice would be to make it very clear that you should not decorate a rented house without first speaking to the landlord.

Without your landlords consent, you risk having your deposit deducted should you move out of the property to cover the cost of

If you are in the process of renting a new property, and haven’t moved in yet, this is a great time to ask the landlord if they would let you decorate prior to your moving in date.

Many landlords will be glad that they don’t have to pay a company to do the painting and decorating to do the work for them.

Do You Have A Right To Decorate A Rented House?

As a tenant, your landlord is entitled to decline your decoration requests and is not legally obligated to decorate on your behalf, or give you consent to decorate yourself.

Why Landlords Don’t Let You Decorate A Rented House

There are a number of reasons why landlords don’t let you decorate a rented house such as:

  • You may decorate the house in a way that makes it less appealing to future tenants and therefore it will cost them money to put it back to the typical neutral style
  • You could damage the property whilst you are decorating
  • You may not do a good job

What To Do Before Your Decorate A Rented House

If your landlord is happy for you to decorate as you wish, that’s great, but there are some things to make sure you agree on before you start work.

We would recommend that you:

  • Agree who will pay for any decorating materials
  • Agree what decorating will be done, and in which room
  • Agree when the work will start, and be completed

By agreeing to this before you start decorating, you can avoid any confusion and potential conflict later on.

Can You Decorate A Rented House - House Plants

How To Decorate If Your Landlord Isn’t Happy With Major Re-Decorating

If your landlord doesn’t want you painting walls, or making any drastic changes to the property, there are still things that you can do to make your rental house feel like home.

  • Hang pictures and artwork (without nails)
  • Invest in lighting and signature lamp shades
  • Buy a rug to cover old carpets or bad flooring
  • Get some plants to brighten the space
  • Bold colours for your cushions, blankets, throws and towels

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How We Love Renters Can Help You

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