Are you worried about keeping your home warm this winter?

We know that money is tighter than ever with rising energy bills and the current cost of living crisis.

Winter is the hardest season for renters to be able to stay warm in their homes as well as pay their other monthly outgoings. That’s why we’ve created this blog to give you 5 money saving tips to keep your home warm at little to no extra cost.

Use Timers On Central Heating

If your central heating has a timed thermostat, there are ways you can use it to save yourself some money.

If you set your heating to come on at a lower temperature 30 minutes before you get up in the morning and at certain intervals during the day, it is more efficient than turning your heating on at a high temperature when you need it.

Use Your Curtains

It may seem self-explanatory but using your curtains can contribute to the heat you get, and keep in your home.

Heat from the sun is free! Open your curtains in the morning and leave them open all day and the sun will heat your house through your windows.

Once the sun goes down close your curtains. They will act as another layer of insulation ensuring warm air stays in and cold air stays out.

This technique also reduces condensation on your windows.

Rearrange Furniture

Obstructing radiators with furniture can mean that you may not be getting the most out of your heating.

If you are going to rearrange your furniture there are a couple of things to bear in mind.

You should place your furniture like sofa’s, beds and desks close enough to radiators so that you feel the benefit of them, but far enough away that the heat can circulate around the room keeping your home warm.

Bleed Your Radiators

Bleeding your radiators simply means you are getting all the unnecessary air out of the system. Excess air in your radiators can mean they don’t work to their full potential.

To bleed your radiator you will need a bleed key.

Then you need to identify the small valve on the side of your radiator.

With the bleed key you should be able to turn the valve anticlockwise around a quarter.

You will hear a hissing sound as the trapped air escapes.

It’s important that you don’t turn the valve enough to let water out. At the first sign of water, close the valve by turning it clockwise.

Then you have successfully bled your radiator!

Block Out Draughts

Blocking out drafts is a great way to keep your home warm.

One way you can do this is by getting draft excluders and placing them at doors and any areas where there could be a draught.

If your home has doors to each room, you could also close doors to the rooms you are going to be in to keep the heat from escaping into the rest of the house.

Although you may have to buy draught excluders, the Energy Saving Trust estimates that DIY draught proofing your home could save you up to £25 on your heating bills a year!

Looking For A New Rental Property?

Are you looking for a new rental home for you and your family this winter? Is your current house draughty, cold and hard to heat due to lack of maintenance on the property?

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